Monday, March 22, 2010

Cryptome Prohibited Documents Website

According to its home page, this site publishes documents that are "prohibited by governments worldwide". It states that this includes secret and classified documents, especially material on freedom of expression, privacy, national security, intelligence, and secret governance. It also states that material can be removed from the site "only by order served directly by a US court having jurisdiction", but that no such order has been received up to now. It adds that threats against the site will be published if humorous but otherwise ignored.

When I visited the site, it appeared to be fairly active, with an average of about ten new documents being published per day. Recent titles included "Radiation Materials and Equipment Manual", "Export License for Iran WMD Proliferators", "Gaza Kill and Maim Photos", "US Enemies List of Ships Ready for Piracy", and "US Foreign Bribery Quarterly Report".

I looked at the Foreign Bribery Report, and found a long list of what were supposedly bribery payments, typically in amounts from 10 million to 100 million dollars, to countries such as Honduras, Ghana, and Armenia. But the purposes of these payments were identified with generic names such as "Land Tenure Project", "Finance Project", and "Water and sanitation Project". Because these names are so general, it wasn't clear to me whether these payments were bribes or not.

To visit this site, go to Cryptome.