Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ex-Christian Website

This website was created to provide assistance to ex-Christians. Mostly these are people who were raised in Christian families and attended church regularly in their youth, but lost their belief in their teenage or adult years.

Many ex-Christians face hostility from friends and family members who are still Christians. They also discover that American and other western societies discriminate against non-Christians in numerous subtle ways. One of the purposes of this website is to help ex-Christians cope with these difficulties.

A large section of the site is devoted to testimonials. These are accounts by ex-Christians describing how they came to recognize the falsity of basic Christian beliefs. Many of the accounts also describe the problems that the writer encountered after he or she lost their faith.

The site also includes a number of articles which discuss the fallacies and contradictions inherent to Christian belief, and the enslavements, tortures, and murders that Christians have inflicted on other people during conquests of other countries and during attacks on heresies and witchcraft.

To visit this site, go to Ex-Christian

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