Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The InfoWars website covers the ongoing efforts of governments and large corporations to control the public's access to information and to counteract independent news reporting by disseminating disinformation and propaganda. Although the site includes some global coverage, it focuses much of its attention on the activities of the United States government, particularly its attempts to eliminate or restrict the basic constitutional rights of the American people, such as the rights of free speech and freedom of the press.

When I visited the site, the home page featured an article about how government policies led to the current American economic problems, and how the administration is trying to hide the true extent of the economy's woes. There was also an article comparing the propaganda of the current administration to the Nazi propaganda of the Hitler years.

One article which caught my eye concerned the growing efforts of governments and corporations to gain more control over the internet. The article described proposed changes which would give advantages to large corporate and government sites and hinder access to small sites created by individuals and small businesses. There was also a discussion of attempts by the current administration to force internet service companies to provide records of which sites certain internet users have visited.

To visit this site, go to InfoWars

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